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I have been thinking for a long time about whether I should start a blog or not. Eventually the whole Covid-19 situation made my decision easier. So here we are.

About me

My name is Waldemar Kindler. I studied business information technology at the corporate state university in Mosbach (DHBW Mosbach).

In my professional live I work as a developer advocate for cloud technologies at Schwarz IT. We are the IT service provider of world’s 4th largest retailer the Schwarz Gruppe (Schwarz Group with brands like Lidl, Kaufland and PreZero).

When I’m not working, I like to read a good book. Sometimes I even try to do some sports. (Rowing is great, yay). The most of all I love to travel around. Recently I started to explore more of Germany. Is it only me who visited more cities abroad than in his own country?

What is a developer advocate?

I work in an amazing, small but constantly growing team that supports dev teams on their cloud journey. Our mission is to enable our developer for cloud native development. As nearly everyone else, we also come from a more traditional enterprise IT mindset. So, our mission presents us with several challenges that we try to tackle:

  • Which technologies should we rely on? Can existing knowledge be transferred?
  • How to spread knowledge throughout the whole organization?
  • How do we achieve a sense of ownership for topics like security and operability that weren’t necessarily dev topics previously?
  • How do we take everyone on the journey without overtaxing anyone?
  • What shall we do with all the different legacy applications?

So yeah, as you might imagine this is only a small extract. But very broad and interesting. I will try to dive into some of those topics as well.

What can you expect

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Disclaimer: This blog is in no way related to my employer and only represents my own opinions and thoughts.

You wonder what to expect and why you should care?

I will write about my experiences with different cloud native technologies. You will see tutorials around Kubernetes and Cloudfoundry. I will dive into topics like service meshes, Kubernetes operator and cloud native development.

You can also expect my experience and opinions to current trends in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Possibly there could be also the one or other rant about some topics that really piss me off.

I really hope I will be able to blog about our lessons learned during our cloud transformation :)

If you are interested in any of these topics, I’d love to see you here once in a while. I promise I’ll post at least once in a month.

See you soon!

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