TOP 5: Best Kubernetes learning resources


People often ask me how to get started with Kubernetes. K8s itself is already quite a complex topic. What’s additionally new is the broader audience. In a traditional world Kubernetes would be a topic for our system admins and ops engineers. Today we are living in a time where we shift more and more towards to a “DevOps” culture and so we as developer also need to learn such topics. In this blog I present you my favourite resources to get started and dive deeper into the Kubernetes world.

Nr. 1: Meet Phippy and their friends!

What’s the best way to teach complex topics? Explain them like you are talking to children. These two episodes do a great job explaining the Kubernetes basics by providing examples everybody understands. Bonus points for the cuteness overload!

Nr. 2: Understand Kubernetes with Tetris

In this talk about Kelsey Hightower explains Kubernetes to system admins at the Puppet Conf. Seriously, there is no better way to explain the k8s scheduler than with tetris. Enjoy!

Nr. 3: Interactive Learning Platforms

There is no way to learn Kubernetes without getting hands dirty. I was absolutely impressed by the Kubernetes learning platform by Magic Sandbox. While there are great free offerings like katacoda Magic Sandbox stands out with there advanced visualizations of the stuff going on in the cluster.

Magic Sandbox

Also they’ve got a great learning paths! This is an paid offering, but you can try it out for free!

Nr. 4: Kubedex

Kubedex is the best location if you want to understand the whole Kubernetes and cloud native ecosystem. You will find helpful tutorials as well as useful comparisons of Kubernetes components like Ingress Controller or API Gateways. Unfortunatly it’s discontinued since August 2019 but it’s definitly still worth to take a look.

Nr. 5: Kubernetes Patterns

How could we end this list without having a great book on it? Luckily there are actually a few quite good reads including Kubernetes up and running (amazon) by Kelsey Hightower, Brandon Burns and Joa Beda.

Luckily my favorite book Kubernetes Patterns is available as ebook for free! Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huß from Redhat did an amazing job with this book. They’re building on existing knowledge software development (Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software) and transfered to practices in the Kuberetes universe.

While there is a brief introduction to Kubernetes basics I’d definitly recommands you to have first hands-on experience with Kubernetes to fully understand the value of this book. But besides that an absolute must read!

That’s it so far folks. I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did. Happy learning and have a great holiday time!

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