Waldemar Kindler

software developer / cloud native advocate / metalhead

My interests and main topics.

These are the topics I am currently focuses on. They might and will change over time.

Cloud native development

How does a cloud native architecture look like? Which technologies are to consider? How can we improve developer expirience with cloud native technologies?

DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

What can we learn from Site Reliability Engineering to improve software delivery and operations? What is the impact to the way we work today?

Leadership & Collaboration

How can strong leadership influence the organisational efficiency and the overall employee satisfaction?

Digital Transformation

What is a digital transformation? How can we leverage the opportunities and reduce the risks?

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What Is Kubernetes?

Introduction Kubernetes is a Container Orchestrator open sourced by Google in 2014. Today it’s by far the most widespread orchestration tool on the market.

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